ReUse Emporium

Welcome to ReUse Emporium

ReUse Emporium was started in May, 2012 as a way to help the community recycle items that still have life in order to reduce the footprint in our landfill. SO many people either give away (with no appreciation) or throw away (horrors!) STUFF instead of making $$$ for their STUFF. What started in a 1,000sf container has now grown into 5,000+sf warehouse space. If you have STUFF and don’t want to have a yard sale, sell on Craig’s List or Facebook or you are a business and don’t want to liquidate yourself, call on ReUse Emporium to sell for you! Save time, privacy, expense, and stress that you as our “Consignor/Partner” would have to go through otherwise. You provide our inventory. We do the work. And we both get paid. It’s that simple!

Our store has been embraced by residents, businesses, realtors, decorators, and many other segments of the USVI. We give you an outlet housed with a friendly and knowledgeable team who LOVE, take PRIDE, and have a PASSION for what we do! We are no longer a secret and those in the know shop ReUse Emporium weekly and some daily and KNOW we are St Thomas’s true treasure!