Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Genie & Rolando

Genie Lupo
Team Leader and Visionary

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. My background is in retail, hospitality and residential business from years of entrepreneurship. I consider myself very blessed to have been partners with my Mother, Margaret Lupo, who owned and operated Mary Mac’s Tearoom for 31 years. I credit my Mother and the city of Atlanta as well as the World of clients our restaurant served in teaching me the wisdom of embracing a Melting Pot of people. It's who I surround myself with.

I have lived on St Thomas since 2002. My other half, Rolando Asencios, and myself also build, prefabricated hurricane resistant round homes. We are passionate about building efficiently and affordably. ReUse Emporium keeps me involved with the local task of educating clients to ReDecorate and ReCycle by ReDesigning and RePurposing Home Goods as well as Home Improvement items. I opened ReUse Emporium to showcase and ReSale items that might otherwise end up in the landfill. I have a passion for doing what makes sense for living on a small Island, am compassionate about helping others, and am a business woman who wants to share that same spirit with others.

Carl, Store Manager

Carl Satrang
Store Manager and Dreamer

Small town South Dakota farm kid. Tree climber, tractor driver, horse rider, dreamer.

Big city Minnesota grown up. Corporate ladder climber, stuff collector, dreamer. Found out I didn’t need or want the stuff collected on each rung of the ladder.

St. Thomas on a whim and wing and a prayer. A new way of life beckoned. And man did I find it. Love and hope and beauty and strength in abundance. Now I’m a hard working, beach sitting, life loving wannabe pirate. And still dreaming.


Team Queen

Chiquita, Team Mascot
May, 2012 - March, 2015

Chiquita was originally known as “Lady” by the clients because she always sits with her paws crossed. When ReUse Emporium moved in to its original space, she adopted them as her “favorite” tenant. She quickly became the store mascot and gained the love of all who came through the doors. One day her original Mom who adopted her from the Humane Society as a puppy came in the store and said “Chiquita! So this is where you have been hanging out!” Thus “Lady” became “Chiquita” and through a series of instances that needed medical attention (including being shot), she was adopted by ReUse Emporium and was the “Team Queen” until her passing March 23, 2015. She was loved by all and is sorely missed, but still resides in Spirit as our Guardian Queen!