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  • I could not have sold (in such a timely manner, and with such ease) all of my seven rooms of lovely furniture, as well as home furnishings, without the help of Genie. Not only was it convenient to have her take on the job, it proved profitable for me. I put it in her hands and she delivered. She is fantastic! I must add, Genie is very fair. Thank you from the deepest chamber of my heart Genie.

    Dr. Kimberly Moore

    Who rated us 10/10, 08-04-2018

  • The Re-Use Emporium started almost two years ago, leasing a 1,000 square foot garage space, way at the back of Bulk Storage. Genie’s concept took off at once, and when we started building our second warehouse building, they were the first to reserve a space, and now have a 4,000 sq foot space, showing how the business has taken St. Thomas by storm and been a resounding success. This is not purely by luck, but more due to the entire team’s untiring efforts. We are delighted that The Re-Use Emporium selected Bulk Storage as their business location. They couldn’t be better tenants; Genie and her team, Sheri and Holly are exceptional people running an exceptional, eco-friendly, recycling business! Well done ladies!

    Gillian Seifert

    Who rated us 10/10, 08-04-2018

  • Love bargain hunting at the store. Always find unique items at affordable prices. Store is organized and new items are always appearing. So nice to see someone's discards become treasures to new owners! The environment thanks you too!

    Ila Moe

    Who rated us 10/10, 08-02-2018

  • I would like to say, I have been living on the island for 4 months, and was looking for a place like Re-Use Emporium. We rented a furnished home but still needed a few things. I was thrilled to find an item from your store on Craig's list that led me to your website. I found a desk and chair for a fair price. I watch now all the time for things. I've told several people about you.


    Who rated us 10/10, 08-02-2018

  • I remember my first day at Reuse Emporium! I was so excited about the concept because I wanted to do the same thing and was glad someone did.... One man's junk (recycle) ... Is another's treasure! And boy have I found some treasures at Reuse Emporium! With the high cost of living on the island... I have been able to practically furnish my whole house! And what is so great is if I have things I no longer want I have a great place to take them. It's so exciting to go shopping and find you have credit to use! Everyone there is great! It is my must do every week!

    Roberta Bunn

    Who rated us 10/10, 07-31-2018